Whistler Mountain Bike Park Opening Day Is Delayed

❄️ There’s too much snow for Whistmas ❄️

The recent unexpected invasion of the white fluffy stuff has us deep in dig-out mode, which means our opening day is delayed until May 19 (conditions permitting). If you can believe it, the Fitzsimmons Zone is still largely covered with more than two feet of snow!

The trail fairies are out waving their shovels and are working hard to get the park ready for you. Make sure to high-five the trail crew and mountain operations team when you see them in the Village as they put in the hard labour to get the park ready to shred.

Lift-assisted, gravity-fuelled laps are on the horizon. 

After a long hibernation and deep winter, Opening Day is coming in hot… (or, actually, cold… but who’s counting).

Passes are on sale now.

Sleep now, ride later… thank you for your patience!

Ullr cranked up the snow this winter.
No signs of party trains or party shirts on A-Line so far.
The trail crew has some digging to do on Dirt Merchant.
Boots and shovels are on the ground on EZ Does It.
Everyone is pitching in.
High fives and fist bumps coming soon.
Schleyer might not be the opening Phat Wednesday race.
It could be Karate Monkey though.
We will be waiting a little longer to put rubber to Dirt Merchant this summer.
The snow walls could be on it EZ does it this year..